A Workout That is Enjoyable, Empowering, and Enriching

Our Ladies Kickboxing and Fitness Class is a programme that will not just strengthen your body and enhance stamina; it will also awaken the female warrior in you that has been there all along! Each programme is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout that will get you sweating, burning calories, and shedding fat in no time. Every punch and kick brings you one step closer to your fitness goals - while adding years to your life and joy to your heart.

In time, you will realise that you can surprise yourself and push yourself beyond the limit. Every class is unpredictable and is an excellent way to get creative, expressive, and lively while exercising self-control and focus. So join today, and let's start kickboxing!

Burn Calories, Stress, and Negative Energy In Just One Workout

If you are looking for something different, fulfilling, and beneficial to your physical health, our Kickboxing and Fitness class is for you. It is a workout that will give your heart great exercise, tone, and build your muscles, help you lose or manage weight - all while having so much fun! As it is a ladies-only programme, you can surely expect a lot of sisterhood bonding and a safe and nurturing space to discuss female matters.

This is the best place to be yourself, as comfortable and open, to share with your female peers about your journey and help one another reach your dreams.